An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Longboards

Longboards have a better ability to offer smooth rides over long distances.Therefore, the Best Longboards are considered a fun mode of transportation for people around the world. At first glance, they look similar to traditional skateboards, but they do have some major differences.

An Ultimate Beginners Guide To Longboards

Some of the Main Characteristics

Longboards first arrived in the 1960’s, and they were meant to offer the smooth, gliding feeling of snowboarding, but on pavement instead of ice and snow. As the name suggests, the deck is significantly longer than a skateboard, and this particular feature makes them ideal for prolonged, more comfortable rides. Most range from 90-150 centimeters in length.


Purpose of longboards

Although they aren’t best suited for rail slides and similar tricks, they have a wider wheelbase and the wheels are softer. This makes the board easier to turn, and allows it to grip surfaces more securely. The softer wheels promote better shock absorption, too. If you’re interested in downhill racing, a longboard is a smart choice, because once longboards build momentum, they have excellent speed.

Stability of the Ride

However, there is some debate about whether it’s easier to ride a longboard. The level of stability is certainly something welcomed by many new riders, but regardless of if you’re riding a longboard or their shorter counterparts, you’ll still have to learn how to keep your balance and control the board.

If you’ve ever watched an experienced rider of longboards, you might have noticed how their movements seem nearly imperceptible, but they’re still able to steer the board. This is a skill that takes practice, but once you master it, you’ll have it for life. If you notice that your longboard starts to vibrate as you ride, that’s a sign that you might need to shift your weight to regain steadiness.

Get Insight from Other Riders of Longboards

Before starting to ride, it’s necessary to look beyond the differences between a longboard and a skateboard by thinking about how you’ll plan to use your new board. If you don’t know anyone who’s involved in the sport, the Internet has a wealth of resources for you to peruse. Additionally, the skateboarding and longboarding community are traditionally very receptive to new people who are interested in trying the sport.



Take your considerations to the next level by making the decision to buy a longboard, today. You might discover that it’s not just a fun way of getting around, but also an activity that shapes a way of life.