All You Need to Know About Gun Safes

As a gun owner, it is imperative to keep it safe and secure. Your wellbeing and that of those around you should be nothing short of common sense. To avoid thefts, accidents, and other inconveniences, the gun must be out of reach of almost everyone. This can be achieved by having a gun safe. You can learn more at Insert your gun into the safe and set a code with is more complex than your birth date.

Why Gun Safety is a Concern

a gun safeThere have been cases of accidental deaths where a child gained access to the parents’ gun safe and began toying around with his weapon. This led to an investigation into the viability of the low-cost gun safe models in the market and their ability to isolate the weapon effectively. It was found that a toddler can easily open some of these cheap models.

Looking at gun accident statistics, it surprising to unravel that a good number of the firearm-related accidents are happening in homes with gun safes. The gun storing safely is really not that different from the ordinary safes. Its purpose is to allow access to a limited number of people. However, just like any other lockbox, it can fail. Storing firearms in a gun safe increases the safety of those residing within the home tremendously.

Features of the Gun Safes

When buying a gun safe here are some of the features to look out for as they determine how it works. These features expound more on how gun safes work.

Dial or Electric Lock

The gun safe can either have an electronic or dial lock that allows access to the gun when the proper combination is entered. This mechanism is proven to work just fine as we can see it in other regular safes. Alternatively, it does not require any form of maintenance. The dial lock might take a lot more time when opening the safe and does not auto-lock when the safe door is closed. The electric locks can offer biometric, capabilities for access, however, they will not last forever as their parts fail over time.

The Strength of the Steel

The safe door and walls of a gun safe are steel made. The thicker the steel the harder it is for any intruder to drill into. Unfortunately, the thicker safes cost more than the thinner models.


The large gun safes can weight hundreds or thousands of pounds. This discourages any thief who might consider arriving with a dolly. A 750-pound safe when empty might work just fine. Ideally, it is prudent to have the safe firmly bolted to the wall or floor.

Protection from Fire

fire resistant gun safeSome argue that fire is a bigger threat than theft when it comes to their firearms. Some home fires reach up to 1200 F in a barely 10 minutes. There are firearms that melt at 800F so this is definitely a problem. The fire-resistant safes have thin insulating liners which guarantee minimal protection against extended heat exposures. If a fire is your concern, get a UL rated reproof safe.

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